Approximate Drop Rate of Items Obtained in Brawl Boxes

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Recently, Reddit user /u/LAC_PRO (links to original Reddit post in the Brawl Stars subreddit) performed research on a small sample of Brawl Boxes. He opened a total of 391 Brawl Boxes and recorded their contents. The test results for the Brawl Boxes are shown below:

This data is important because it gives us an idea of the drop percentage in Brawl Stars. Based on this 391 Brawl Box sample, it takes around 385 Brawl Boxes to obtain a single Legendary Brawler/Elixir. It takes around 3 Brawl Boxes to obtain a single Common Brawler/Elixir. For Rare Brawlers/Elixir, it takes around 13 Brawl Boxes to obtain a single unit. For Epic Brawlers, it takes around 98 Brawl Boxes to drop and 43 Brawl Boxes to drop an Epic Elixir.

The drop percentage is also interesting. Brawl boxes have a 0.26% chance of dropping a Legendary Brawler/Elixir. Epic Brawlers/Elixirs have a 3% chance of dropping out of Brawl Boxes. There’s an 81% chance of a common Brawler/Elixir dropping out of a Brawl Box while there is a 15% chance of opening a Rare Brawler/Elixir.

There are some inconsistencies in the data provided BUT that is because of the small sample size for Brawl Boxes.

As Brawl Stars evolves, we will receive more data on Brawl Boxes. Over time, we will see more accurate drop rates that will be shared on this Brawl Stars Blog. Subscribe to our Brawl Stars Blog to be the first to know about new Brawl Stars updates! For now, we’ll just have to use this to predict what we’ll get out of our Brawl Boxes.

We want to hear what our players are experiencing with the Brawl Stars Brawl Boxes. If you have recently done an opening of Brawl Boxes, share your experiences in the comments section!

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